Once it is use in the marketplace, it acquires a personality, and it becomes the most valuable asset for your business. If you have heavily invested in advertising, promotion, brand-building and product development for your existing business or a new business, make sure you really OWN your NAME, BRAND, LOGO or SLOGAN.

Don't just assume that your name, brand, logo or slogan has not already been USED by your competitors. Just imagine that one day you received a legal letter WARNING you that you can no longer use your name, brand, logo or slogan, and you have infringe your competitor's trademark... It could costs you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS trying to defend yourself and all your valuable assets and benefits acquired through out the years will become QUESTIONABLE and "AT RISK"!


  • Make sure that no one is legally using your name right now in the marketplace.
  • Make sure that you are not infringing upon your competitor’s rights.
  • Determine if your business name has the ability to expand into a new country.
  • Determine whether or not to proceed with your proposed name.
  • Save MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in your production or services line

Please do not underestimate the value of a trademark search. Trademark search is optional, but it is very fundamental to know the full extent of any possible use of your mark prior to filing your trademark application. Conducting a search does not require you to register for a trademark but it will enable you to analyze any conflicting marks that may already exist in the marketplace.


Whether you want to protect the rights of your existing business or you are starting a new business or product, we offer a wide variety of search packages to suit your business needs. With our mission in mind, you would expect the value-added services and competitive price from us.

* minimum of 5 trademark searches.


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